iPhone X

I've had the iPhone X for about a week now.  Here are a few of my thoughts.


The screen is bright, vibrant, and super colorful. OLED has issues, but this is a well implemented screen. It has none of the artificial punch up of colors and contrast you see on some phones.  Accurate  and precise color representation.

Face ID takes some getting used to. You have to retrain yourself. iPhone users have gotten used to using Touch ID and the scenarios where it does and doesn't work.  Face ID works great, but has a different set of cases where you have to re-learn when it will or won't work. If you have "Attention Detection" on, which you probably should, then you need to actually look at the phone to unlock it.  With Touch ID, you could unlock it as you picked the device up.  After a week Face ID is already beginning to feel natural.

The A11 Bionic processor in the iPhone X is the same processor in the iPhone 8. It's super fast and very energy efficient. Apple is getting better and better at processor design.

Battery life seems better to me than on my iPhone 7+. This could just be that its a newer device with fewer recharge cycles.  Or, I could just be wrong.  Either way, it lasts all day.

Wireless Qi charging is convenient and easy.  If you have a metal case then your out of luck.  I have a cheap charger on my desk at work and on my nightstand at home. I got  the Anker wireless Charging Pad from Amazon.


The new gesture for the Control Center can be awkward with one handed use, but in practice I'm not having problems with it.  I have a bigger issue with the difference in animation between Control Center and the other "Pull Down" animations for search and notifications.

This is an expensive phone.  It's a luxury item. It's also the main computing device I interact with when I'm not working.  We will follow our normal keep it for two years and then sale it. We normally get $200 to $300 when we re-sale iPhones. I'm betting the iPhone X may even sale for more.


It's a great device. It's not perfect, but most of the minor issues I have are fixable with Software updates.