Last night we attended a discussion on Claymation at the Matthews Public Library.
The presentation was given by John Lemmon of John Lemmon Films. I had no idea there was a animation company right here in Charlotte. The whole thing lasted only an hour, but I still managed to learn a few things. Stuff like this always gets me interested in doing more art.

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What is the Matrix?

I have now seen The Matrix Reloaded twice. All I can say without spoiling anything is WOW! I really liked it.

I'm looking forward to getting
PlanetSide tommorrow. I have been playing the
Beta for the last week or so and I liked it alot. I don't know if it will have
the power to keep me interested for a couple of years like Everquest, but so
far I enjoy the faster pase.

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It was the dawn of the 3rd age...

We got the second season of Bablyon 5 on DVD yesterday. I know I have said it before but man this is a great Science Fiction Series.

I am now 70 percent complete in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I have completed all the major storyline missions. I have 98 out of 100 packages, and I own all of the properties in the game. Not much of an accomplishment, but one of the things I can do now in the game is too get the Hunter Helicopter from the Military base. Its way too much fun to fly around blowing up cars and pedestrians.

I can't wait for the new X-Men movie this weekend. I was never a follower of the comic books, but all of the cartoons and movies have been great. I think I might have to check out some of the comics.

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Everquest, Why hast thou forsaken me?

I used to be a pretty big Everquest nut. Lately I just can't seem to have fun playing. I usually only plan on playing for a few hours and once you get to my level, thats just plain impossible. My character has been progressing very slowly lately, I can't really justify paying for a game that I don't enjoy playing anymore. Having said that tho - I just can't bring myself to cancel my account. I wish Starwars Galaxies would hurry up and come out so I could start playing something new. Hmmm, this will be the third time I have quit this game.

I have been messing around with my Genetic Algorithm example program again - not sure if it provides a nice eye candy example or not. I'll post it in another week or so. I am going to try and start doing more side development projects again. I miss the satisfaction of making something new.

There is a new edition of the Polymer Clay Polyzine up. Another hobby I have not been doing much with lately.

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