I have had to make some big dietary / lifestyle changes and thought I would do a quick post to mark 40 days in.  It's still not normal to me, but I have to admit I feel pretty good so far.

8 Bit Madness

Electronics and old-school computing is one of the many hobbies I find myself returning to over and over. Of course I'm old enough to have been right in the middle of everything that you might call "old-school computing". I had a great deal of experience with the Tandy Model 1, and the Commodore 64.  I went to my friends house and drooled on his Apple II.  I spent way to much time typing programs into these machines. These early experiences are what inspired me to become a Software Developer.

I recently stumbled on a, new to me, YouTube channel "The 8-Bit Guy", the videos here are all about these old computers and their restoration. He also has a channel about synthesizers called "8-Bit Keys" thats pretty cool. Watching these videos has re-kindled my desire to work with electronics again. Check them out!

I have to admit I've thought about trying to buy a working Apple IIe or maybe even an Amiga. I don't need these - I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy.

Duluth Trading Co.

I often find it hard to find clothes that fit or that I like the look of.  I tend to favor clothes that are comfortable over the way they look. I'm also very large in both directions.

I heard about Duluth on a vlog that we have been watching and decided to check them out. Duluth specializes in comfortable, long lasting clothes. Their marketing is geared toward construction and outdoor work wear. They are also known humorous commercials.

There are no Duluth stores close to me, so I've only ordered from their website. I wish there was a store closer, so I could try some things on first.

So far I have purchased:

Everything has fit perfectly. The clothes feel like they are made extremely well. I'm sure everything will last for years. I haven't had to return anything yet, but they seem to have a no hassle return policy.

If I was going to complain about anything, it would be price. But, honestly the quality of these clothes is exceptional.  I think everything has been well worth the price.  If you do buy from them, be ready to receive daily emails with their latest sale.  There is always a sale going on.

Disney World 2017

This years trip to Disney World has come and gone.  I'm already thinking about when we can return.  I'm still betting we end up moving down there in the future.  I just love the place.  I always feel like a kid there.

We once again stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. We aren't members of Disney's Vacation Club, but I still consider this our home resort.  There are other resorts we want to try, but I always feel comfortable here.

One high point of this trip, was our first night dinner at Sanaa a restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Everything here was wonderful. It was super busy, but the excellent service and always great way Disney deals with food allergies made it a perfect meal.  If you go here deff try the bread service.

Now I just have to figure out how soon we can return.

iPhone X

I've had the iPhone X for about a week now.  Here are a few of my thoughts.


The screen is bright, vibrant, and super colorful. OLED has issues, but this is a well implemented screen. It has none of the artificial punch up of colors and contrast you see on some phones.  Accurate  and precise color representation.

Face ID takes some getting used to. You have to retrain yourself. iPhone users have gotten used to using Touch ID and the scenarios where it does and doesn't work.  Face ID works great, but has a different set of cases where you have to re-learn when it will or won't work. If you have "Attention Detection" on, which you probably should, then you need to actually look at the phone to unlock it.  With Touch ID, you could unlock it as you picked the device up.  After a week Face ID is already beginning to feel natural.

The A11 Bionic processor in the iPhone X is the same processor in the iPhone 8. It's super fast and very energy efficient. Apple is getting better and better at processor design.

Battery life seems better to me than on my iPhone 7+. This could just be that its a newer device with fewer recharge cycles.  Or, I could just be wrong.  Either way, it lasts all day.

Wireless Qi charging is convenient and easy.  If you have a metal case then your out of luck.  I have a cheap charger on my desk at work and on my nightstand at home. I got  the Anker wireless Charging Pad from Amazon.


The new gesture for the Control Center can be awkward with one handed use, but in practice I'm not having problems with it.  I have a bigger issue with the difference in animation between Control Center and the other "Pull Down" animations for search and notifications.

This is an expensive phone.  It's a luxury item. It's also the main computing device I interact with when I'm not working.  We will follow our normal keep it for two years and then sale it. We normally get $200 to $300 when we re-sale iPhones. I'm betting the iPhone X may even sale for more.


It's a great device. It's not perfect, but most of the minor issues I have are fixable with Software updates.

Apple Watch Series 3 and Watch OS 4


L and I have been wearing the Apple Watch "Series 0" (The original version) since it was released.  They have become a welcome part of our daily wardrobe. We use them for notifications, workouts, controlling the lights, using Apple Pay, and even telling the time.  They are a second more intimate screen for our phones.

Every OS release for the watch has added new features and fixed issues and annoyances with the older versions.  Every release has also left the original watch feeling a little slower and little less responsive.

Series 3 

We chose the non-LTE Aluminum Series 3 this time around. The same sizes as before, but without the space-grey finish.  I got the 42mm and L again got the 38mm.  We can use all of the watch bands from the older watch.

Why no LTE?  The extra upfront price for LTE combined with the $10 monthly fee per watch just weren't worth it to us.  We don't find ourselves wishing we could use the watch to make calls or play music in situations where we do not have our phone with us more than a few times a year.  I think we can disconnect for a few hours without missing this feature.  I'm sure this will be a great feature in the future.

Water resistance is a great feature that we are happy to have.  Not worrying about a rainstorm or a trip to the pool will be nice.

The speed and responsiveness of the Series 3 is night and day compared to the original watch.  Everything is faster.  This is all the justification needed to update.

The battery life of the Series 3 is amazing.  I can easily got 2 days between charging now.  With Watch OS 4 I was just making it through a day with the Series 0.

Watch OS 4

Watch OS 4 brings a number of refinements that remove confusion and simplify the watch.  There are welcome improvements to the heart rate monitoring, workouts, and list view for the awful application grid.

The new Siri watch face has promise, but it needs 3rd party app integration. The Toy Story watch faces are cute, but not something I'm likely to use.

The new Now-Playing screen now lets you change the volume with the crown.  Finally! Much easier way to the adjust the volume. I use this every time I cut the grass and I have no idea why it was not this way from the start.

Wants and Desires

Watch OS 4 does a better job of showing the watch face when I turn my wrist. But, I still wish there was a subdued always on time.  You can find this feature on competitors devices. Apple just needs to find a way to do this with the Apple Watch that maintains the great battery life.

Custom Watch Faces.  I expected Apple to release a Watch Face API by now.  There could be a whole section of the Watch App Store dedicated to this.  I know there are issues with managing intellectual property theft here. But, it just makes so much sense to allow people to design and sell their own watch faces.


L and I both very happy with this upgrade.  It was worth the wait and we have very few complaints.  Time will tell if we will regret not getting the LTE version of the watch.

New Apple Products - Quick Take

Apple Watch Series 3 with Optional Cellular

I love my Apple Watch, but I still have the "Series 0" Apple Watch. I'm ready for a new watch and I'm very happy to get the faster processor and the water resistance. I don't think the cellular option is for me, I don't use my watch in situations where I don't have my phone and need to get phone calls.

The new Sport Loop bands are super comfortable BTW.

Apple TV 4K

I know it's more expensive than other 4K streaming devices, but I'm very excited to get this upgraded Apple TV. We use the Apple TV everyday. It's the primary way we consume content on the TV.  We do have an HDR capable 4K TV already.  Anyone want to by a 4K Fire TV box?

iPhone 8 and 8+

I would have already ordered the 8+ except for the existence of the X.  Faster processor, better camera, and wireless charging. All reasons I would have bought this phone.

4K video at 60 frames per second will make your video look great on the new Apple TV.

iPhone X

Face ID looks good, I expect it to be as good as Touch ID in every way except for a few cases. Like using Apple Pay. But, thats something I do more on the Apple Watch.

The OLED screen looks good in video, but I bet it's stunning in person. Every OLED screen I have seen has been great.

The Notch doesn't bother me. Developers can work with it, and will surely create some interesting interfaces that deal with the notch and the curved edges in new and surprising ways.  The Notch seems to really bug some people, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. It will likely go away in a future phone, but I don't hate it.

Both cameras have optical image stabilization.  This will make a big difference with low light images.

Plus everything I like about the iPhone 8+.


I recently tweeted a link to this great NPR interview with K.D. Lang about the 25th anniversary of Ingénue. It is really worth a listen, especially if you have an appreciation for this album or any of Lang's work.

I finally got the 25th anniversary edition and it's worth every penny.

I've been in love with this album since it was originally released.  I didn't think there was anything wrong with the album. But, this remaster is so full and vibrant, making an album I already loved even better.  The 2nd disc is a MTV Unplugged performance of most of the songs. It's a great companion to this wonderful album.

I know and like people that don't like this album. It's ok for them to be wrong.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Remix)

Sgt. Pepper's was recorded 50 years ago at the beginning of June.  To commemorate this a stereo remix was released.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!! WTF Why?  Well it turns out, we should have been listening to the mono version all this time.  The original stereo mix was done hastily and with the idea that it was a novelty.  Things have changed quite a bit over the years.  But, don't take my word for it. Listen to this great interview on All songs considered with Giles Marten.

This is an amazing  gift for anyone that likes this amazing album.  Everything you thought you knew about the album is fresh and new.  You will discover things about the music that you never heard before, and your appreciation of this album and amazing band will grow even more.