Me in a hat.

Micro.blog MeWe

I'm a software developer and technology enthusiast. I doodle, I sculpt in polymer clay, and I write software. Anything and everything may end up on this blog.

I have been updating this blog for a long time, sometimes very sporadically. Some posts will talk about plans that never worked out, or things that are no longer being done. I try to update in later posts or even go back and add follow up information to these posts, but sometimes I just miss things. Please don't read an older post and expect links of things I talk about to still be happening now.

There used to be comments on some of these blog entries. Unfortunately I lost them when I migrated from blogger to a previous version of the site. I might bring comments back some day, but for now it is not an option I'm interested in.

I'm just another dumb human trying to figure out how to get by.