Angular Js and the New World Order

JavaScript is Dead, Long Live JavaScript.

Over the last couple of months my day job has been undergoing a transition. We decided to change our thinking about Web Applications. We realized just how far behind we were. Web Applications have changed. The wild west is being tamed. the structured MVC world we are used to in the back in, has moved into the browser. Instead of single pages being rendered after each request to the server, we have full featured stateful applications running in the browser. Meanwhile the servers, where much of this logic and state used to exist, have now become reusable restful data providers.  The whole stack has shifted.

None of this is new of course. It's been going on for years, but I've only just poked my head out of the trenches and realized. In a broader sense it's the same transition that has been going on for years. So if like me you had not been paying attention Start Here:


Well so much for Angular. I know many people are still using it. I personaly have become very into using React for small reusuable components. But, Angular was not at all popular in my company, very few people liked working with it. It was also very difficult for us to admit that there was any real benefit to using it for the projects that we had at the time.

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