"Quick Review"
2022/12/12 1:34 PM

Apple Watch Ultra

This year, I got the Apple Watch Ultra as an early gift. It does everything the Series 8 does plus:

  • Larger screen
  • Brighter screen
  • Titanium case
  • Larger case
  • 100m water resistance
  • Larger / Longer battery life
  • More precise GPS
  • Depth Gauge
  • Water Temperature sensor
  • Better speakers
  • additional button
  • Emergency siren

I can't really explain why, but it feels better on my wrist than the regular large Apple Watch. I think the size is just a better fit for my wrist. I've also had much less of a problem with it locking while I'm wearing it. I'm not sure if the sensors are better or if it's how it fits on my wrist.

This is the first time I've had cellular on the watch, but for now I have not activated it. I'm never without the phone. So, I can't really justify spending extra for cellular on the watch.

It's a tougher, better looking Apple Watch. It has a bunch of features that I will likely never use, but I really love the way it looks and feels.

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