Big Ba-Loo

I try not to talk to much about where I work or what I do. Pretty much everyone reading this should know that I'm a Software Developer. What most of you probably do not know, unless you work with me, is that I now work for IBM. The company that I used to work for was acquired. Its been pretty much normal sailing so far, but I'm sure things will be changing in interesting ways in the near future. Now I will continue with more of the not talking about my work. We went to the opening of the local Renaissance Festival this weekend. Its always a blast to see the shows and all the people dressed up and attempting to behave in a manner thats in sync with our fantasty view of the era. You get wizards, faries, pirates, jesters, and all manner of costumed folk. I also tend to spend money on overpriced trinkets that I don't really need. This year I got a comical dragon incense smoker and a leather book cover with a dragon pressed into the cover. If you don't know it by now, I have a thing for Wizards and Dragons. I like to say I collect them, but L likes to say I'm a nut.

Current Music: Southern Culture on the Skids "Devil's Stompin' Ground"

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