Brain Dump

I was thinking about a few blog entries, but they were all small. So, I'll combine them into one big mess.

3D Printers

I was an early adopter of 3D printers. My 2nd printer was a Makerbot, but Makerbot stop focusing on consumer printing and stopped supporting their older printers. I will never buy anything from them again.

Today there are so many amazing options available. The technology has gotten cheaper and easier to work with. I have been considering buying one of a couple of different printers.

I just ordered the Prusa. It costs more than the ender, but has a few more features and good support. Its a kit that I will have to build. Should be fun.

8-Bit Madness

I'm a nut for old computers and old computer games. I've been pretty excited to follow the progress of the Commander X16. This is a new retro inspired computer. The idea is that you can write software and work with a simpler easy to learn, but more modern, computer.

It should be easy to port old C64 code and make some amazing new things as well. This computer is being created by a team of people, but the 8-Bit Guy is the driving force.

He has a great series on the history of Commodore. I have watched it a few times.

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