"Another tiny cheap computer."
2016/05/26 11:50 AM

More Chromebook talk

I decided to get another Chromebook to "play" with. The first one I had was impressive, but I gave that one away. When I heard that google was bringing Android apps to the Chromebook platform I decided to give it another go.

I got the Acer Convertible Chromebook R11. It's plastic, small, cheap, and more importantly it feels fast and responsive. I'm not sure I'll use it in tablet mode much, but having the touch screen will be nice when the Google Play Store is added.

For many people a Chromebook would be all the computer they need. Email, browsing, social apps, messaging, and basic productivity tools are all available. With increased security and the ability to reset the device at anytime and you have a nearly perfect machine for most normal computer users.

If you are a developer who needs more out of a machine then you still have options on the Chromebook. You can put it in "Developer mode" get to a shell and install linux via crouton. It can really be fun to embrace the limitations of this platform and try to get work done with different tools and in different ways. Limited memory and storage are probably the biggest problems you will have to deal with.

Overall, I'm really happy with this device. I'll keep it to goof around with and to take on trips when I don't want to risk taking my macbook. I would also highly recommend this or another version of Chromebook to anyone looking for a new computer for normal daily use. they are simple, fast, and easy.

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