Whats up with Coffee

For the longest time I did not drink coffee at all. I drank soda, I enjoyed tea, but I didn't like coffee. I would watch everyone line up at the coffee maker in the morning, and wonder why they liked it. I told myself it was just addiction driven consumption. Certainly there is some of that, but obviously I was being silly.

Over the last few years I started getting the occasional sweet drink at StarBucks. I would get the occasional lattes, mochas, and Frappuccinos. And, eventually I decided to try a cappuccino. That was the thing that finally got me. I started to love the creamy, rich, sometimes chocolatey drink. As I slowly reduced sugar in my diet, I increased the number of cappuccinos I would get. In the before times, I was getting a small cappuccino almost every day of the week at lunch.

Around the time we started working from home, I started making coffee at home. I started with the Hario V60, a hand grinder, and an electronic scale.

I normally make some version of a pour over, or I'll make French Press, and lately I make the occasional AeroPress. I make one cup at a time. I have 2-4 cups a day, probably too much.

I find that I prefer medium roast blends of coffee. I really like a Harris Teeter Kona Blend and my current favorite is Charleston Organic.

Now I need another cup.

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