Making myself stop.

I have been struggeling with Facebook and Instagram lately. I like using Instagram. Some of my family and friends are on Facebook, and no where else. But, I jsut can't. Facebook is sketchy. They make their money on our information, on our friends, on our likes. And they have never hidden that. I have been trying to disconnect from it for years. And, it is so hard. There are people that I will no longer get updates from, people that I really like. I won't see their pics. They won't see ours. But, everytime I hear about Facebook, it's some other skeevy weird shit. I'll keep the about page updated with places where you can get updates from us. Send me links to other platforms where you update. Call me, email me, message me. Otherwise, I'll see you around at some point.

I wish there was some other trust worthy service that so many people used.

Sad Goodbye

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