Prusa i3 MK3S - First Print

It took a couple of sessions to complete the build of my new 3D printer. It was a pretty easy build with a great manual. The online version of the manual has some additional pictures with more detail. The online version was very helpful in a few spots. The computer component was the the only part of the build that I found frustrating. Lots of wires going into a small box that sits at a weird angle. More cable management and maybe a two sided board and enclosure could make this part easier.

I went through the start up process and calibration with ease. There are some helpful videos on the Prusa site that can help with these steps and show you what you should expect. There is even a whole separate manual that talks about common issues and how to resolve them. I did not have a single issue. I do think I could stand to go through the calibration again. I'm not sure I got the first layer height perfect.

For the first print I went with the Benchy model on the included SD card. I get the impression that my print is far from perfect, though it is better than any printer I have previously owned. Hopefully I'll be able to dial this one in as I use it and get even better results.

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