Do over again

Changes to the blog layout and mechanics of posting to it. It was a statically built site. I would run a local job to generate the site and then upload the output to the server. Very fast, but it was a pain to update the blog. So, I didn't. Now I can upload a single file to add a new blog entry. This means the pages are dynamic now, so things are a little more complex and more can go wrong on. I also ran into a few issues on initial deploy that I will need to fix now, but nothing major.

I now need to refine the procedure for posting to the blog. It's fairly simple depending on whether there are images to add for the blog entry. I also have to make sure that I update my local source control with the updates. Otherwise, I could lose content if the server has to be re-deployed. I may end up writing an app or some shortcuts for this, but I think I can accomplish most of it with a combination of the Drafts app and the Working Copy app.

Getting side projects done

I have had this on my list of side projects for so long, it's crazy. It feels good to have it done. I have some other long term features to add that I can start now. There used to be an image gallery, and I still have the images, but I'm not sure about the metadata that powered it. I think I have it in an old backup copy.

Adding a dark mode based on browser configuration is also easy - I already have the ability to change themes in the CSS.

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