"New Toys for the Apple Boy"
2017/09/16 7:36 PM

New Apple Products - Quick Take

Apple Watch Series 3 with Optional Cellular

I love my Apple Watch, but I still have the "Series 0" Apple Watch. I'm ready for a new watch and I'm very happy to get the faster processor and the water resistance. I don't think the cellular option is for me, I don't use my watch in situations where I don't have my phone and need to get phone calls.

The new Sport Loop bands are super comfortable BTW.

Apple TV 4K

I know it's more expensive than other 4K streaming devices, but I'm very excited to get this upgraded Apple TV. We use the Apple TV everyday. It's the primary way we consume content on the TV.  We do have an HDR capable 4K TV already.  Anyone want to by a 4K Fire TV box?

iPhone 8 and 8+

I would have already ordered the 8+ except for the existence of the X.  Faster processor, better camera, and wireless charging. All reasons I would have bought this phone.

4K video at 60 frames per second will make your video look great on the new Apple TV.

iPhone X

Face ID looks good, I expect it to be as good as Touch ID in every way except for a few cases. Like using Apple Pay. But, thats something I do more on the Apple Watch.

The OLED screen looks good in video, but I bet it's stunning in person. Every OLED screen I have seen has been great.

The Notch doesn't bother me. Developers can work with it, and will surely create some interesting interfaces that deal with the notch and the curved edges in new and surprising ways.  The Notch seems to really bug some people, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. It will likely go away in a future phone, but I don't hate it.

Both cameras have optical image stabilization.  This will make a big difference with low light images.

Plus everything I like about the iPhone 8+.

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