I want a new toy, to keep my head expanding

I made some purchases recently to spruce up my at home computer setup. I use this setup for work and play. So, I need everything to serve double duty, and to not get in the way. I don't want to have to spend a lot of time moving things around when I transition from work to play.

Stream Deck

The first of these recent additions is an Elgato Stream Deck. This is basically a set of extra keys with little screens on each key. You can configure the keys to do almost anything. Some applications provide direct support, but you can easily add buttons to execute keyboard shortcuts for anything you need.

I have profiles for Zoom that give me better mute buttons. I have a profile for Intellij IDEA with common shortcuts, and I have a profile for Visual Studio Code with shortcuts.

In addition to this, my default profile, has some frequently used applications, media controls, and a switch that controls an office light via HomeBridge and a small custom web server that is integrated with Apple HomeKit.

I'm still figuring out the best way to configure this, and I'm sure it will evolve greatly over time.


I have spent several years using the Apple Magic Keyboard. I'm very used to it, but now that I have multiple computers on my desk, Macs and Windows, I wanted something that could connect to more than one machine easily.

So I went crazy and bought a click RGB wireless keyboard. I got the Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. I can quickly switch between up to 3 computers and with a small switch on the side, I can switch it between Windows and Mac, although I don't really have to do this in practice. I normally just leave it set to Mac.

The key travel is really messing with me. I have grown so used to the low profile, low travel keys. There are also changes to the keyboard layout that have been causing me issues. I have no doubt that I will get used to this new keyboard in a few day, but I do wonder if I should have gotten an extended keyboard layout.

I went with the Brown Switches which aren't as clicky, but wow, it's still so loud compared to the almost silent keyboard I have been using.

The RGB is kinda of cool, and I have bee leaving it on so far, but I think I will likely just use this in backlight mode, sometimes.


I haven't made a decision yet on a new mouse. I currently still have a few corded cheap mice on my desk. But, I want to get a new wireless mouse that supports multiple machines. I need to do more research and pick something. I'll probably end up with a Logitech, but I'm not sure yet.

More info to come later.

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