Online Games and Hobbies

I canceled Planetside and Starwars Galaxies. Both games got boring after a while. However, I started playing Everquest again. It can get boring also, but I so far I'm having fun with playing. I have invested so much time in EQ that my character is pretty flexible. I can only hope that EQ2 has the same depth as EQ. Galaxies was nice to look at, but it just didn't have that something extra to make me keep playing.

I have also been messing with Polymer Clay again. I have so many hobbies that I feel guilty spending money on this one. I really want to buy a bunch of tools and equipment to make things easier. I just hope I'm able to stay interested in it long enough to justify the cost.

The Babylon 5 Season 3 box set comes out today.

Current Music: The Cars "Candy-o"

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