"Our new Tesla Model Y"
2021/06/20 1:08 PM

A New Car!

We decided recently to go ahead and sell our pre-owned Tesla Model S and get a new Model Y. We happened to order during a very busy time for Tesla. It also happens to currently be their most popular car. Amazingly we only had to wait about 5 weeks for our car to arrive. The process was mostly smooth. Our initial delivery date was delayed a couple of days. I can't image the logistic complexity of shipping cars all over the country.

What we ordered

  • Tesla Model Y
  • Long Range All-Wheel Drive
  • Red Multi-Coat
  • 19" Gemini Wheels
  • Basic Autopilot
  • All Black Premium Interior

There were no major issues at all with the delivery. There might be a small door gap issue with the trunk, but it's barely noticeable and does not appear to be causing any issues. There might be an issue with the passenger side front door. It seems a little harder to close sometimes. We'll give it a week to see if it continues. Overall, we are super happy with this vehicle. It's better than the older Model S, and super fun to drive. I can't wait to take some longer trips in it. We will likely drive it to Walt Disney World later this year. We did make one trip in the Model S to Disney, and that went well but we will be able to stop fewer times in this long range Y.

Accessories we are getting

  • 3D Max Spider floor mats
  • Evannex screen protector
  • Under seat storage drawer
  • Extra Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle - one at the house, one in the car
  • Nema Adapter Bundle

I'm still really not sure about doing paint protection wrap. It's very expensive. I might watch some videos on doing it yourself. Not so sure about that yet.

Our new Tesla Model Y

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