"Tesla software update v11"
2021/12/28 9:13 PM

Software Update

Tesla pushed a new software update over the holidays that changes a bunch of user interface behavior and adds a few great features. V11.0 became available for me on the 24th. I started the update, while reading about other people freaking out over the changes. Some unhappy people out there.

I understand some of the complaints, a few features have become an extra click away. But, for the most part the interface is simpler and should be less confusing to use while driving. There were so many cases where I hit the wrong button while driving. I'd turn my seat warmer on while trying to change the temp. They have added more space around the buttons, and allowed for you to put your favorite apps on the bottom bar.


  • Tesla Light Show - Silly feature that some people seem to love, but I'll never use.
  • New User Interface - Simplification, easier to use, more consistent.
  • Updated Navigation - Simplification.
  • Games - Sonic might make me get a controller for the car, to play while supercharging, thought I never spend that much time in the car.
  • Entertainment - Tiktok, I'd use that. I have used Youtube a few times.
  • Audio - Separate Subwoofer level. Nice to have.
  • Blind Spot Camera - WOOOT, I love this. turn signal can turn the blind spot camera on for you.
  • For every Model 3 and Model Y, we’ve also added automatic seat heater functionality - also very nice.
  • Waypoint improvements - very nice to be able to add additional waypoints in the navigation. Now if we could fully use this via the app or on the internet.


For the most part I think this was all a big improvement. I've seen people complain that the trip screen was easier to use while driving before, but I don't think thats so important for me. Making things easier to use while driving is good. Moving things that you probably shouldn't be using often while driving to a sub menu is fine. I think for a new user this will be easier to understand and learn how to use.

The blind spot camera activation feature is a great safety feature that should have been there all along.

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