So Much Content

We have had a bunch of time to watch new things lately. I expect this will continue for most of 2021 as well.

Mandalorian - Season 2

Continues to be a great show that does an amazing job of giving us more Star Wars.

The Expanse - Season 5

Another great season so far. I really need to read these books.


The latest Pixar film. So happy we were able to watch this at home on Disney+. I loved it and I can't wait to watch it again.

Wonder Woman 1984

Not as good as the first movie, and not great, but fun and worth the time.

The Midnight Sky

Netflix original Sci Fi. I really enjoyed this one.


Sci Fi Comedy Series on Amazon Prime. I enjoyed this, it was fun.


Ugh! I want this time back. It was a real stinker. I thought, oh look Bruce Willis. Man I bet he regrets this.

His Dark Materials

Second season was better than the first.

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