"Odin Cannot Save You Here"
2021/03/08 8:44 AM

Valheim - Is Good

VALHEIM Official Site

A new game, now in early access, is taking over on the PC. And, I love it so far. This game is a cross between Minecraft and Skyrim in a world based on Norse mythology. You build and explore to improve your gear and weapons. The world is procedural. Each of the five zones have a boss to fight and new dangers to survive.

Building is intricate and fun, but you will need a lot of resources. It's way more time consuming to collect the things you need to progress than a game like Minecraft. It also feels more dangerous in each new area. So far I think the game has a reasonable balance of grind to reward, but I may change my mind as I advance farther into the game. I waited way too long to fight the first boss. I could have done it way sooner than I did.

I'm now building a new base on the edge of the 2nd boss area, and it looks like getting metal tools and equipment will be very time consuming, but I've only just begun. The game feels amazingly stable and complete for an early access game. I think it's very worth playing in its current form. There should be an amazing set of updates over the next year or two and it should only get better as time goes by. It will also likely get more expensive.

The only big negative I have so far is that it doesn't work on the Mac. It should play fine on any modern mac. It's not that demanding of a game. The developer just don't haven't made a mac port a priority. I really wish this would change with this and many other games.

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