"So expensive, but I want it."
2023/06/07 2:10 PM

WWDC 2023

I watched the keynote, but I still need to watch the Platform state of the Union

It was a packed presentation with a bunch of cool new features and a new device.

New Macs

They announced a new 15" Macbook Air, an updated Mac Studio, and an updated Mac Pro. The Pro is basically the same as the studio, but with more ports, better cooling, and lots of card slots. If I were updating my main computer this year, I would probably go for a nearly maxed out Mac Studio. But, my M1 Max Mac Studio is still going strong. I should wait till the next update.

OS Updates

There were a bunch of great updates to all of the OS's, but I think I'm the most interested in the Watch OS updates, and the iPad OS updates.

Apple Vision Pro

All of the rumors had me super hyped for this part of the presentation. And, it was better than I expected. They pitched it as a productivity AR centric device. But, they showed plenty of VR functionality that has me hopefull for VR games as well. I think showing it as an entertainment and productivity device is a really smart way to sell it. The price is high ($3499), too high for just a gaming device.

Don't get me wrong it will have to be a good gaming device as well. But, that's in addition to everything else. I think they will reveal VR controller support at some future point. It's just an obvious addition.

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