3rd Gen iPad Pro

Apple just released several great updates to existing products. The most significant update was to the iPad Pro. I have been a huge fan of the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil since the first version was released. This update has refined and improved the iPad Pro in almost every way.


  • 11 inch, and 12.9 inch screens
  • Both available in silver and space gray
  • Sizes for both in 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB
  • Improved speakers and microphones
  • Home Button replaced by Face ID camera system
  • Not a feature but worth mentioning: Headphone jack removed due to reduced thickness.
  • USB-C connector replaces Lightning conector
  • 18W power brick included
  • A12X 64-bit processor
  • Improved cameras

What I ordered

I got the 12.9 inch, space gray, 256GB LTE iPad Pro. This is the first time I have paid extra for the LTE option, and I only plan on using it when I need extra conectivity. I wanted to get more storage this time, but I could not justify the added price for it. I was already ok with the larger iPad Pro, but this generation physical size actually got smaller while keeping the same screen size. It feels perfect now.

I also got the new Apple Pencil, which charges wirelessly while connected to the iPad case via magnets. The pencil is a little smaller. It has a new double tap feature for tool selection in apps that support it. Also, there is no longer a cap to lose. Pairing is done wirelessly when the pencil is connected to the side of the iPad.

I once again got the Smart Keyboard. Its a little better this time around, but still not perfect.


  • This is a nearly perfect device. It feels great, it looks great, I love using this device.
  • The pencil is always charged and I don't have to worry about losing the cap.
  • Application updates are rolling out with support for the pencil double tap.
  • This thing sounds amazing, not as good as the HomePod, or a real stereo system. But, for travel this will be a great way to play music.
  • iOS keeps getting better.
  • How fast is this thing, It handles everything with ease.
  • With USB-C the dongles I already purchased for my Macbook Pro can now be used with the iPad as well.


  • This is an expensive luxury item. I wish it was cheaper. I would have bought more storage if it was cheaper.
  • Why does it come with the short USB-C cable. They sell a longer cable, it needs the longer cable.
  • No headphone jack is a bummer, but understandable. I can't remember the last time I plugged headphones in to my iPad.
  • iPad does not support external storage connected via USB-C. There are apps that can do this, but this should be supported by the OS directly. I'll be shocked if this is not in the next version of iOS.
  • I should be able to develop iOS apps on iOS. The OS upgrades that are needed to support this take iOS from a Mac companion to a Mac replacement.
  • No mouse and trackpad support. I need a cursor sometimes.
  • The Apple Smart keyboard does not have media keys. I want the standard set of keys.
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