His favorite music.

Working this morning with iTunes playing in the background.  The song 'Ventura Highway' by the band America starts playing and I'm hit with a very strong memory of my Dads Father, my Grandfather.  He died many years ago from Cirrhosis. He was a heavy drinker who never recovered from retirement. I wasn't terribly close to him, but I have many good memories of him.  He loved to read westerns, but I don't know if he had a favorite author.  He frequently played the lottery, but never won more than he spent playing it.  He loved to eat steak for dinner, almost every night.  He also kept a loaded 44 under the bed.  I once heard him laughing and giggling loudly after talking about the time my Grandmother tried to feed a frog some bologna (yeah that is kinda funny).

I don't have many good pictures of him, the ones I do have are from when he wasn't feeling well.   I guess all that really matters is that I thought of him this morning and wanted to share.

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