"This is so cool. I want."
2009/05/28 3:14 PM

TerraTrike me Likey

Recently Leo Laport the podcasting guru of Twit.tv got a new toy.  This happens all the time, there is always a Macbreak Weekly pick or a Daily Giz Wiz gadget that I want.  However, this new toy makes me drool like the rabid fanboy I know I am, and big surprise its not a new device from Apple.  It's a recumbent tricyle called the TerraTrike.  These trikes look like so much fun.  I've been thinking about getting a bicycle for a long time. Any excuse to get more exercise is good.  These trikes are the way to go.  I just need to lose some more weight so I won't break the durn thing.  I can't wait to get one.

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