Work / Life Update

About a year ago I posted that I was taking a year off.  A friend of mine recently mentioned that I had not updated in a while about "The Year Off".  I wish I had made myself update weekly, hell even monthly would have been good.  At the very least I wanted to post when the year was over, and to see how I did.

Originally I wrote about these goals:

  • Lose weight: I started the year walking regularly. I lost 30 lbs very quickly. I haven't maintained my walking schedule, but I'm getting back into it now. At least I have not gained the weight back. I hope to lose much more.

  • Art / polymer clay: I have sold several items on our Etsy store. I made a bunch of stuff that is either for sale or has been given away as gifts.  I really do enjoy making things, but its not yet something I can do as a full time job. Who knows maybe someday.

  • Programming for Fun: I started writing iPhone software for fun, but I will soon be selling my own iPhone applications. Its still fun, but hopefully I can spin it into a job.

  • Guitar: I have not touched my guitar in a year. I still want to spend time learning to play.

  • Spend more time with L: Here at least I have succeeded.

So whats next? Well....  I decided not to return to my old job.  This was a very hard decision to make.  I'm working on several applications that will be for sale on the iPhone App store soonish.  Soon my little software company will be off and running.

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