"Fitness tracker."
2012/04/25 3:15 PM

Nike Fuel Band

Got a Nike Fuel Band and so far its pretty awesome.  I haven't been using it for a whole day yet, but I'm hoping that it will provide a little more motivation to be active and hit my daily goals.  Once I've been using it for a week or two I will post an update with more information.

Here are the pro's and con's based on my initial impressions.


  • Comfortable. Make sure you get the correct size. Large for me.
  • Nice interface. easy to use, cool display.
  • Seems pretty accurate so far - hard to tell for sure till I use it more.
  • Wireless syncing with phone is nice.


  • Way way way too expensive. Should cost half as much.
  • Why do I have to connect it to the computer first, why can't I set my account up with the phone app? Did I miss something?
  • Had to try a few times to get the Bluetooth to connect.
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