"MagSafe PopSocket"
2022/06/28 8:19 AM

Better than I expected

I heard someone talking about these on a podcast. I've never liked the way PopSockets work with the sticky back. I use Qi charging every night with my phone, so I have to be able to have the back of my phone clear. This PopSocket uses the MagSafe magnets and it's amazing how well it holds on to the back of the phone. It only comes off when I want it to. I also did not realize that you could buy grips with an amazing variety of designs on them.

So, I'm pretty happy with this. It makes it easier to hold on to the phone. It's easy to remove, and it stays attached all day. The only downside is that it makes the phone thicker, and if your pocket is already tight it might make it harder to get it out of your pocket.

MagSafe PopSocket

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