"I got a recumbent trike."
2018/05/04 8:17 AM

Recumbent Trike

What is it?

See this Wikipedia artical on recumbent bicycles

Basically it's a bike you ride in a laid-back reclining position. They come in many variations. Mine is a trike. Two wheels in the front and one in the back.

You can find thousands of videos on Youtube by searching for Recumbent Trikes.

Why might you want one?

  • fitness like any bike
  • seat comfort even after long periods of riding
  • stable and easy to control
  • super fun

Brands and differences

What I decided to get

I did a bunch of research online then bought the best bike I could afford from a local dealer Charlotte Cycles.

I got a TerraTrike Rambler

My rambler has:

  • 20" wheels
  • Internal n380 NuVinci CVT shifter
  • Mechanical disc brakes

It's not the fastest trike you can get, but its fun and easy to ride. I got a basic flag for it and a simple wireless bike computer. I also added a bike rack and a seat bag.

I plan to add some blinking tail lights for safety. I'll likely also change the pedals to clipless.


  • I can ride much longer that I could with the standard bicycle.
  • I find myself actively looking for opportunities to ride.
  • I have had several people stop to ask about it and where I got it.
  • I have not had any incidents of people failing to see me when passing me in a car.


  • I can see myself buying another trike in the future, something that can go faster and has higher gearing.
  • The seat could be more comfortable. I can buy additional padding.
  • The starting price for a trike is higher than standard bicycle.
  • I'm thinking of buying special shoes for riding.
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