Valve Index - First Impressions

Suit up

I recently got the Valve Index VR Kit. I was on the fence for some time about which PC based VR setup to get. But, I got to try the Index recently and liked what I experienced.

I had spent some time with the 1st generation Oculus Quest and Playstation VR. I used Oculus Link with my gaming PC to try out Steam VR games. The link cable solution is ok, but the quest is just not very comfortable for long term play. The quest shines with wireless play. If only Facebook would keep them as a separate entity. They now require the Facebook login for using the Quest and I have no intention of doing business with Facebook ever again. So I needed something else.

The Index is a higher end premium VR headset with best in class controllers. The kit also comes with two base stations used for tracking you in the play area. I almost just barely enough room to play in my office. I could honestly use a few more feet of clear space to be comfortable. But, it's good enough for now.

The headset is super comfortable and easy to adjust. You can get custom lenses if you need glasses. I'm not sure if you could wear glasses with it. The only downside to the headset is the cable that runs to your PC and to power.

The controllers are fabulous. Best controllers I have used so far. They do reasonably good finger tracking, depending on how the game handles it. The only downside to the controllers I have experienced so far is the system button, its supposed to be harder to hit, but I find it impossible to hit when I need it, and I still accidentally hit it occasionally.

The base stations require power, but connect to the computer wirelessly. They can be mounted to the wall, on stands, or you can just set them on shelves. I have had no issues with them so far. The tracking is great as far as I can tell.

I haven't figured out how to use the passthrough mode with the index yet. I'm sure it won't be hard to figure out, but the Quest was easier to set up and a little more forgiving in many ways. I think Valve should steal a few things from Oculus to make things easier.

Put that headset on

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